best high school in ajax, ontario

Ajax, Ontario, is a beautiful community that those who are relocating to the Greater Toronto Area must-see. With stunning views of Lake Ontario, this bedroom community is well-established. Those who don’t want to live in the big city of Toronto can choose a neighbouring community like Ajax. The community is filled with history, excellent real estate options and great schools. High schools in Ajax aim to prepare students for their futures, either to go straight into the workforce or to post-secondary education. Here are some of the best high schools in the city. 

Ajax High School

Address: 105 Bayly St E, Ajax, ON L1S 1P2

Phone Number: 905-683-1610


Ajax High School serves over 1,100 students and is one of the oldest secondary schools in the city. Established in the 1950s, the school is known for providing an excellent education and has a great reputation among residents and parents. Students from grades nine to twelve attend the school, and it’s centrally located in the heart of Ajax. The students attending this coveted institution come from diverse cultural backgrounds. The school employs over 100 teachers and staff members who are dedicated to the learning and success of each individual student. There is a long-standing tradition of excellence within the Durham District School Board, with a modern curriculum and many extracurricular activities. For students who are interested in the arts, sports, and music, there are great programs to take part in. 

Mission: “Creating a community school which inspires to develop a passion for learning.”

Review: “The art program is the best there. If you’re serious about art, then it’s the place to start.”

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Pickering High School 

Address: 180 Church St N, Ajax, ON L1T 2W7

Phone Number: 905-683-4760


Pickering High School’s main goal is to prepare students for college and work. The top-rated school is one of the best in Ajax and serves over 2,000 students, which is the most populated school in the area. The school has an engaging curriculum, which helps students become successful once they leave. There are over 120 staff and faculty who are committed to providing the best academic and extracurricular activities for students. 

Mission: “Pickering High School encourages the growth of active, responsible and educated citizens who have the skills, concepts and attitudes necessary for long-life learning in a rapidly changing world.”

Review: “I love PHS. I graduated from there back in 2011, and now I’m a supply E.A., and the environment has never changed! Teachers, Admins, VPS, Secretaries, and even the students were always so kind and helpful. They’ve always pushed for their student’s success and tried to help in any way, shape or form. I would recommend any family to send their children to this school, their spec Ed programs are great, academic programs and athletic programs. It’s an amazing school, and I’ve had the opportunity to be on both sides!”

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Father Donald McLellan Catholic Secondary School

Address: 458 Fairall St #7, Ajax, ON L1S 1R6

Phone Number: 905-666-1146


Ajax has a prolific Catholic School district, and a number of faith-based schools are among the best in the area. Father Donald MacLellan Catholic Secondary School offers numerous programs that are tailored to each student’s diverse needs. The Catholic faith is at the core of the curriculum. Skilled and dedicated teachers and staff are there to support students, encourage life-long learning, and embolden students to follow their passions. The school has small class sizes, co-op placements, the possibility of independent study, and dual credits. There are full-time and part-time programs that are tailored to individual students. There is a strong focus on meeting the learning styles of each student. 

Mission: “We are called to celebrate and nurture the God-given talents of each student as we serve with excellence in the light of Christ.”

Review: “The amazing staff, flexible school hours, overwhelming support and alternative programs helped me reach my goals for success while still being there for my daughter. I will never be able to thank the staff at Father Don enough for all they have done for my daughter and myself. I wouldn’t be where I am today without all the incredible support I received over the years attending there.”

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Pine Ridge Secondary School

Address: 2155 Liverpool Rd, Pickering, ON L1X 1V4

Phone Number: 905-420-1885


Since 1992, Pine Ridge Secondary School has been a great option for high school students in Ajax. Located in neighbouring Pickering, the school is surrounded by natural beauty, including a conservation area and a retreat area. The school is proud of the diversity inside its walls and the incredible extracurricular activities it offers to students. The dedicated and passionate staff are focused on the individual needs and success of all students, providing high-quality education and a safe and supportive environment. Pine Ridge has a motto of “We always do our best,” and the school prides itself on being able to offer something to every student. Children are encouraged to take advantage of all the programs available, both inside and outside the classroom. Building meaningful relationships and partnerships between students is highly encouraged. Creating a strong sense of community is important at Pine Ridge, as well as communication skills, decision-making skills, and problem-solving skills. 

Mission: “Pine Ridge Secondary School is committed to providing quality education and promoting success in an environment that recognizes diversity.”

Review: “I enjoyed my time here and have very good memories of this place”

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Cambridge International Academy

Address: 130 Commercial Ave, Ajax, ON L1S 2H3

Phone Number: 905-426-4254


Cambridge International Academy is a private high school in Ajax that has day and online schooling available for students from grades seven to twelve. The school is very focused on college and university preparation and offers a variety of programs for students to take and co-op programs. At Cambridge, all students are capable of succeeding in the fields they want to explore, and the staff at the school are committed to providing the best education available. The school is proud of the abilities of the students who attend, as they are taught about vital skills that they need to succeed in society after post-secondary. The school is committed to involving parents and working towards a common goal of success with the entire family. 


Small classes – We keep the student-to-teacher ratio low so that we may differentiate and personalize the curriculum to meet the needs of a student and support each student on his or her path to success. We offer different educational pathways to accommodate an academic, college, and/or school to work transition student.

Inclusive, supportive school culture - Our classes are structured to provide an atmosphere of respect where students develop an understanding and acceptance of individual differences. 

Innovative instruction methods - At Cambridge International Academy, our teachers recognize that students grasp concepts at different times and in different ways. Students in a classroom may have learning style preferences, have varying subject interests, and widening stages of readiness to learn. To accommodate students, our teachers use various instructional strategies that best suit the learning profile of students and the classroom environment. Our teachers use an interactive teaching methodology consisting of co-operative learning, mastery learning, direct instruction, and inquiry learning.  

Professional and dedicated staff -Our twenty-first-century educators know how to deliver a curriculum to engage students and use technology to enhance their students’ learning. Our teachers act as catalysts to help students with their educational growth and overall well being.

Review: “A High School Making a difference for Girls and Boys - Cambridge International Academy’s primary objective is to assure that your child experiences a positive and productive school environment in which he/she will self-actualize and grow academically, emotionally, and morally. Our education team of skilled teachers are effective in finding and encouraging the abilities of each student to develop his/her hidden talents. They assist students in becoming independent thinkers able to work effectively with others and be inspired by a life-long curiosity.”

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J. Clarke Richardson Collegiate

Address: 1355 Horwood Ave North, Ajax, Ontario L1T 4G8

Phone Number: 905-619-9571


J. Clarke Richardson Collegiate is another top school in Ajax, where the faculty prides itself on preparing students to put their best foot forward after graduation. For whatever route the students choose, whether it’s trades, post-secondary, or hopping right into the workforce, there’s a plan for your child. While students are met with high expectations, it allows them to achieve beyond what they thought they were capable of, inside and outside the classroom. The school provides support along with the expectations, which leads to high test scores and outstanding achievements that they are all proud of. A large number of students make it onto the Honour Roll and Honours with Distinction every year. The focus on high marks allows students to have freedom when they leave school and where they want to go, especially with scholarships and grants for post-secondary. There is a strong focus on building character and allowing students to problem-solve when it comes to life’s challenges. Commit, Learn, Thrive is the school's motto and mission, making high school more than just the academics. There are a significant number of extracurricular activities for students to join and participate in, making their time at J. Clarke Richardson as great as it can be. With programs in academics, sports, arts, social justice and special interests, there’s so much more than just the core curriculum to take advantage of. 

Mission: “Commit, Learn, Thrive.”

Review: “The kids have bought into what we’re asking of them in terms of problem-solving and going into that deeper level of thinking, and it’s really showing gains in terms of our outcome. We also personalize students’ timetables for next year – what are their strengths and weaknesses, what courses do we think they would strive in. We’re looking towards the future. We’ve extended our after-school literacy program. Last year alone, we had 160 students who signed up in Grade 10, and we were able to run five classes. We also brought it back to Grade 9s, so they’re introduced to it in the first semester so that they’re familiar with the language used and they’re familiar with the task. We took that anxiety away from the test.”

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