June 13, 2019

10 Questions To Ask Before Buying A Home

10 Questions To Ask Before Buying A Home

You’re convinced. This home is it. It’s the one. 

But wait - is it? Here are 10 questions you’ll want to ask yourself before buying a home:

1. How old are the roof, windows, siding, guttering, and other replaceable structure pieces? 

You’ll want to find out. When will you have to fork out that money to replace them? It’s a good thing to know, especially when it comes to financial planning (and especially when you’re already spending money on the home itself). "This is something we see far too often," says Allan Lewis of Search Cape Coral Homes, "buyers not paying attention to items they may need to replace in a few years. It can become a large burden down the road."

2. How old are the systems and major appliances?

Another aspect you’ll want to know before sealing the deal. Old HVAC systems could mean that you end up paying more for those monthly bills. Be in the know and do your own research as well.

3. Has work been done on the home?

Are there any major renovations that have been completed? When? What were they? Have any additions been made to the structure? Is there documentation supporting these renos? And are they approved (as in you won’t have to tear them down at some point if they aren’t to code)?

4. Does the home have any water damage or issues?

Water isn’t fun to deal with. It creates mold, amongst other problems. Inquire into if there has been any regular issues with the plumping, pipes, and sewage. If so, look for any water damage that may have occurred due to these issues.

5. How many previous owners has the home had? 

An old home will undoubtedly come with a long list of previous owners. The red flag comes in when this list of homeowners includes various short-term ownerships. It may indicate problems with the house or area that you aren’t aware of.

6. What is and isn’t included in the sale of the home?

Sometimes, owners will leave items, such as curtains and light fixtures, and other times they won’t. Find out what is being left behind and what isn’t.

7. What is the property worth versus what is the asking price?

If these don’t match up, it might not be your perfect match. Or it may significantly impact the offer you put forward.

8. Are you allowed to ask questions of the previous owners?

If you can talk to them, they may be able to provide you with a little more insight than the real estate agent.

9. What is the history of the house (besides previous owners)?

If any crimes have been committed in the home, you should be made aware of these negative past events. 

10. Do you love the house?

This one’s just for you! If you don’t love it, don’t buy it. Remember, you’re the one that has to live in it. And buying a home is a huge investment. Don’t waste your money on a place you aren’t entirely sure of.

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May 27, 2019

Moving To & Living In Ajax, Ontario - The Definitive Guide

Moving to Ajax, Ontario comes with a number of benefits. The town offers residents a scenic view of Lake Ontario, close commute to Toronto for either work or play and reasonably priced homes for anyone wanting to establish some roots. 

This guide serves as a quick overview of all Ajax has to offer, and why so many people in recent years have come to the area and settled in to build a life. 


Ajax history banner

Ajax was a mainly rural area until 1941 when a Defence Industries Limited shell plant was constructed and the town was established around it. 

In 1945 the plant employed 9,000 people and contributed greatly to the growth of Ajax. People came from all over Canada to work at the plant and settle down in the area. 

Post-WWII, the plant was utilized by the University of Toronto as an additional location to house the surge of students. During its last year of operation out of the old plant, there was upwards of 7,000 engineering students.

After the University left the area, George W. Finely of the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation is largely credited for the growth of the town as Ajax became a planned modern community. 

In 1974 when the Region of Durham was created, Ajax became an officially incorporated town. 

Ajax Real Estate

Ajax real estate banner

Anyone who has looked in the GTA for housing knows that it comes at quite a cost. Ajax remains reasonably priced allowing those who are looking to move to the area a chance to purchase property even in this rising market. 

The affordability of Ajax is a large contributing factor for why the town is the second-fastest growing in the GTA. 

Prices for single-family homes in Ajax are falling around $638,000, which when compared to the towns closer to Toronto, is well below the average. 

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Enjoy The Extracurriculars

Ajax golf banner

Regardless of your choice of past time, Ajax has many different options all over town. 

Golfers have a variety of courses that vary in difficulty and layouts. Grab your clubs and hit the links at either Deer Creek Golf Club or Carruthers Golf and Country Club. The lake and treed areas paint a picture-perfect backdrop for anyone spending time on the course. 

If you are a cycling enthusiast then you’ll be happy to know that the town of Ajax has 140 km of cycling areas, bike trails and shared lanes. A great way to stay in shape and get around town, cycling provides a scenic and environmentally friendly way to travel. 

So Much To Do 

Ajax Events Banner

If you are looking for a way to spend the day in Ajax, you won’t have to search far. 

Check out Ajax Down’s, Ontario’s only quarter horse racing track. Complete with dining, 800 slot machines, and regular events, Ajax Down’s is the perfect way to spend a day or evening. 

Looking for a little retail therapy? Look no further than Ajax’s own RioCan Durham shopping centre which has approximately 1 million square feet of retail space. An abundance of retail stores, services, and food options are all available under one roof. 

Kids getting antsy? They can burn energy and play around at Endless Fun which is a large indoor playground and party hall. The centre has over 10,000 square feet of fun for those of all ages. 

Throughout the year the town of Ajax offers “come and go as you please” drop-in programs for children between the ages of 6-12. The programs consist of sports, arts and crafts, themed events and much more. An effort on behalf of the town to build relationships and invest in children. 

Enjoy The Outdoors

Ajax outdoors banner

Much like all the lakeside towns in the GTA, Ajax offers picturesque scenery, stunning lake views and an abundance of natural greenspace. 

Spend the day at Greenwood Conservation Area in over 700 acres of natural beauty. Enjoy a picnic, take a hike or sit and listen to the sounds of nature. 

Rotary Park will be sure to keep any outdoor enthusiast occupied offering up canoeing, kayaking or lounging on the beach.

Take a leisurely stroll along the 7 km of paved waterfront trails basking in the beauty of Lake Ontario during any one of its stunning seasons. 

Ajax Neighbourhoods

Ajax neighbourhoods banner

If you are wanting to capitalize on the fact that Ajax is along the shores of Lake Ontario, there are a number of options for neighbourhoods. 

Duffins Bay, Discovery Bay, Clover Ridge and Pickering Beach are just some of the neighbourhoods that residents have flocked to in order to capture the views. Manicured lawns and mature trees line these ideal streets while proximity to the beach and amenities keep these areas popular to buyers. 

For commuters, the west side of town may be ideal to cut down travel time. The neighborhoods of South Greenwood, Duffins Crossing and Riverside are all great options. 

If you are wanting to be right where the action is and close to amenities then the east side of town has some great locations. The neighbourhoods of Deer Creek, Audley North or Audley South all offer easy access to shopping, restaurants and entertainment. 

View homes for sale in Ajax Ontario >>>

A Focus On Education

Ajax education banner

The education system in Ajax is governed by two school boards, the Durham District School Board and Durham Catholic District School Board. From these boards are 26 Public elementary schools and high schools and 13 Catholic elementary schools and high schools.

With a rising interest in French immersion, Ajax now offers 3 different options for French-language schools, Cadarackque Public School, Michaelle Jean Public School or Southwood Park Public School.

If you have decided to send your child through a private school, Ajax is home to Pickering Christian School that offers faith-based education. 

A Look At The Arts

Ajax arts banner

An appreciation for arts and culture only serves to strengthen a community and promote inclusivity among its residents. The town of Ajax knows this and as such has invested in the art and culture scene. 

The St. Francis Centre for Community, Arts & Culture is a multi-purpose space that plays host to a wide variety of artists, acts and performances throughout the year. With the ever-changing guests coming through there is always something new and exciting to take in. 

In the spirit of supporting local artists, exhibits are showcased monthly at the council chambers lobby of town hall and at the McLean Community Centre. Every month a new talent is highlighted and residents have an opportunity to view their work. 

Established in 1966 the Ajax Creative Arts is a fine arts association located in a permanent space that offers classes, information, medians and an overall appreciation for the arts regardless of the level. 

Every other Wednesday night throughout the summer months, residents of Ajax are able to enjoy live music at Pat Bayly Square. A perfect chance to catch some of your favourite tribute bands and support local talent.

View homes for sale in Ajax Ontario >>>

Inclusivity For All

Ajax culture banner

Ajax aims to make all those who chose to call it home feel welcomed and as such, there is a large number of cultural groups and resources available.  

Regardless of ethnicity, there are events, groups, and programs that are aimed at celebrating and highlighting different cultures. English as a second language programs are available to help with learning and connecting with others who may be new to the area or even the country. 

Another great way to celebrate and support inclusivity is to attend the Durham Pride Parade & Festival held in Ajax. The event is a way to connect people and build relationships regardless of sexual orientation. The day is topped off with food, drink, music, and activities.

In an effort to include events for all stages of life, Ajax hosts a seniors bbq for residents 55 and greater. The event is held annually in June to celebrate seniors month. 

Worth Celebrating

Ajax Trail Fest banner

Nothing brings a community together faster than a celebration and in Ajax, there are plenty of things to celebrate. 

Trailfest is the perfect opportunity to get out and take in the sights. The town hosts a number of walks, bike rides and runs during the day with a free BBQ, entertainment for the kids and city displays. A great way to kick off the summer and be reminded of why it's so great to live lakeside. 

Canada Day Celebration is an annual event that is two-fold in Ajax. The daytime family celebration is packed full of activities, food, music, and entertainment. The town even provides complimentary shuttling. 

End Canada Day with a bang! Literally. The evening extravaganza is a spectacle of live music, food trucks, and fireworks display. 

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Restaurant Variety

Ajax restaurants banner

One benefit of living in a multicultural town is that each ethnicity brings their unique flavour and distinct cooking styles. 

What better want to experience diversity than through food and drink. Jamaican, Portugues, Mediterranean, and Chinese are just some of the lands your taste buds can travel to. 

Nothing says summer quite like a rib and craft beer fest. Thankfully you will get to experience those in Ajax annually. The festival brings together some of the best bbq flavours around all to be washed down with unique and local brews.

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May 27, 2019

Moving To & Living In Oshawa, Ontario - The Definitive Guide

Whatever drives your consideration for moving to Oshawa, Ontario, this lakeside town will be sure to meet and exceed your expectations. Nestled approximately 60 kms east of Toronto, this scenic town lies on the shores of Lake Ontario. 

Here are a number of reasons so many people have come to love living in Oshawa and why they’ve decided to call it home. 

Oshawa Real Estate

Oshawa real estate banner

Compared to its counterparts in the area, Oshawa is an affordable option for those who work in Toronto. Real estate is roughly 60% less than that of the city. 

Regardless of your desire, to be in the country or city, Oshawa can accommodate both. Having a rural northern area, you are able to remain close to amenities while living in the country. 

If you are wanting to be where the action is, Oshawa has many neighborhoods in and around the downtown and lakeside areas. 

View homes for sale in Oshawa >>

Rich History

Oshawa history banner

Originally a fur trading hub by natives of the area, the French set up a trading post in the mid 1700’s. Later abandoned, the ruins of the post provided shelter to the first residents of the area. 

In the late 18th century, local resident Robert Conant, started exporting salmon to the United States. Due to his successful business, migrants came to what would be known as Oshawa. 

A “colonized road” was constructed in 1822, and intersected with Kingston Road at what now is Oshawa’s “Four Corners”. 

In 1850, Oshawa was officially incorporated as a Village. This newly established village quickly became an industrial centre with industry pioneer Robert Samuel McLaughlin moving his carriage work to the area. 

In 1907, R. S. McLaughlin and Billy Durant signed a 15-year contract with the company, McLaughlin Motor Car Company, and began manufacturing their cars using Buick engines and other car parts. 

Over the years and mergers of companies, GM was created in 1918. Due to the increased popularity of motor vehicles in the 1920’s Oshawa’s population greatly increased growing from 4,000 to 16,000 residents in a decade. 

Due to its large increase in size, Oshawa was able to incorporate as a city in 1924. In 1974 when the Regional Municipality of Durham was created, Oshawa amalgamated with a portion of East Whitby Township and took on the borders that are there today. 

Post-WWII and the building of Hwy 401 aided in the further growth of Oshawa as well as the neighbouring cities. 

As of 2017, the population was 170,071 residents and ever growing as more and more people are seeing the benefits and appeal of living in Oshawa.  

Oshawa's Economy

Oshawa economy banner

The headquarters of General Motors remains in Oshawa which has lead to the city being called the “Automotive Capital of Canada”. 

Although GM has recently opted to end production at the Oshawa plant, they have also announced a 170M investment into the plant and plan on keeping some jobs as well as using the space for innovation. 

There are other major employers in Oshawa, such as the revenue collection divisions of the Ontario Ministry of Finance, Lakeridge Health Oshawa, University of Ontario Institute of Technology and Durham College. 

With the shift in the economic landscape, the city is eager to promote the benefits for businesses, new and current, to continue to invest in Oshawa.

View homes for sale in Oshawa >>

Thriving Downtown

Oshawa downtown banner

Dubbed the heartbeat of the city, downtown Oshawa offers unique dining, shopping, and entertainment for all. 

With the addition of a large number of students in the area, Oshawa’s downtown provides events and activities at every turn. 

The city has a sidewalk cafe program that allows local cafes and restaurants to occupy outdoor space in order to promote community and meeting places. 

The Business Improvement Area hosts a large number of events through the year such as festivals, parades, and gatherings in an attempt to have residents and visitors come and discover all the downtown core has to offer. 

Emphasis On Art & Culture

Oshawa art banner

Oshawa is home to the Robert McLaughlin Gallery, which is the largest art gallery in the Durham Region. It occupies a 36,000 square foot building that was designed by world-renowned architect, Arthur Erikson. 

The first Friday of every month, hundreds of art enthusiasts gather to celebrate and admire works from local artists. 

Ensuring access to education and resources is as easy as ever; the city of Oshawa has 4 public library branches dispersed throughout. The library plays host to a wide variety of programs and events that heavily focus on community, culture, and inclusivity. 

The Tribute Community Centre is located in the downtown area of Oshawa and hosts hockey games, concerts and community events. With the capacity of 7,300 people, everyone will be able to get in on the action. 

Regardless of your interests and hobbies, there is something for everyone when it comes to the downtown experience of Oshawa. 

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Oshawa Neighbourhoods

Oshawa neighbourhoods banner

Due to its location, Oshawa is able to provide neighbourhood options for all lifestyles. From the northern rural end to lakeside living, the City has a number of areas that will be sure to suit. 

For those interested in lakeview, the shorelines and beach side living, Oshawa’s coastal area provides it all. The area has a number of neighbourhoods all ranging in price. 

Named for the former president of GM, the McLaughlin neighbourhood is increasingly popular to those moving to the area. Safe, quiet streets and close proximity to amenities, schools and parks, makes this an ideal location for many. 

If you are looking for luxury, Taunton is the neighbourhood to be in. The large houses, treed lots and access to all the city has to offer has makes this area a desirable one. The prices are above the city's average; however, well worth it to those who live there. 

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Enjoy The Outdoors

Oshawa parks banner

For those who work in and around the GTA, parks and green space play a key role in providing a balanced lifestyle. Escaping the city without having to leave the city is a benefit of living in Oshawa. 

The city has approximately 130 parks dotted throughout that allows everyone to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. 

Taking in the scenery of Lake Ontario is as easy as walking along the 11km stretch of waterfront trail that is within the Oshawa limits. 

Along that trail line you will have access to a number of parks and greenspace that will provide the perfect setting for picnic’s, games and family time. 

Throughout the city, four sets of trail intertwine parks, neighbourhoods and shoreline which is the perfect backdrop for a walk, jog or bike ride. 

Education Options

Oshawa education banner

Public education in the City of Oshawa is provided by the Durham District School Board.

The school board has 28 Elementary Schools and 6 different High Schools in the town for students to attend. 

Catholic education is provided by the Durham Catholic School Board. There is also 10 Elementary School and 2 Catholic High Schools.

French Immersion is offered by Conseil Scolaire Viamonde Operatis. There is one public french language school and one Catholic french language school which is offered by Conseil Scolaire de district Catholique Centre-sud.

Private schools are also an option in Oshawa as well, namely, Durham Elementary School, Immanuel Christian School, Kingsway College and College Park Elementary School.

Oshawa has a wide variety of post-secondary schooling choices. Durham College, Trent University and the University of Ontario Institute of Technology are all located in Oshawa. Also, the Lakeridge Health Education and Research Network (LHERN) in association with Lakeridge Health Oshawa have their campus in the city.

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A City That Celebrates

Oshawa events banner

Who doesn’t love a celebration? Residents of Oshawa are always up for a party and do so on numerous occasions. 

The city comes together to wish Canada a happy birthday every July 1st at Lakeview Park. Attendees enjoy music, food, and activities, capping off the night with a beautiful display of fireworks. 

Celebrating beauty is seen at the Peony Festival which proudly displays one of Canada’s largest Peony collections. Sip wine, smell the flowers and bask in nature's beauty. This award-winning festival has been listed as a Top 100 Festival and Event in Ontario for 7 years consecutively. 

Dining Experiences

Oshawa dining banner

Taste preferences may differ, however, we can all agree that a wide variety of options and welcoming atmosphere appeal to everyone. 

Oshawa’s restaurant scene is the perfect blend of traditional, familiar and authentically unique. From Italian to Chinese and everywhere in between, the options are endless. 

Whether you are watching a game over beer and wings, enjoying happy hour or looking for a truly different dining experience, Oshawa’s eateries are sure to have you covered. 

What better way to enjoy the tastes in Oshawa then at the 1st annual Summer Fest. Food trucks, craft beer, live music, and kids zones, are all sure fire reasons this is going to be a yearly tradition. 

If you love BBQ and ribs, then you will want to be sure to attend the Oshawa Ribfest which features the top 10 “ribbers” from the U.S. and Canada. Top it off with cold beer and live music and there aren’t many better ways to spend a summer afternoon. 

View homes for sale in Oshawa >>

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May 21, 2019

Moving To & Living In Pickering, Ontario - The Definitive Guide

Whatever your reason for considering a move to Pickering, Ontario, it will be one you won’t soon regret. 

A picturesque town nestled along the northern shore of Lake Ontario, Pickering offers residents scenery, amenities and a strong sense of community. 

Its close proximity to Toronto, has many people considering a move to this idyllic area as it offers the features of a larger city while maintaining a small town feel. 

Pickering History

Pickering History Banner

Originally an Aboriginal Territory for thousands of years, the area was migrated to by British colonial settlers from eastern Canada. Named after Pickering, North Yorkshire, the town had approximately 180 residents in the 1813 census. 

Pickering was made up of a number of hamlets that formed a portion of Pickering Township. The area remained mainly agricultural with little growth until after World War II. During the 1950’s and 60’s there was a large increase in housing developments and there was a surge of people moving to the area. 

In 1974 the township was divided into a number of different areas and Ajax was also formed. 

Pickering was officially incorporated in 2000 and according to the 2016 census, there are 91,771 residents who call the town home. 

Community Overview

Due to its convenient location in proximity to Toronto, Pickering offers commuters easy access to the city while ensuring a slower paced lifestyle when they return home. 

With the influx of new residents, there is an increased amount of cultural diversity. Though mainly still English speaking, languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Arabic can also be heard around town. 

The area is popular with those wanting to provide their families with a suburban lifestyle, despite where they may be working. Parks, recreation centres and community events are all major attractions for those who wish to escape the concrete jungle. 

Pickering Housing

Pickering Housing Banner

When considering a move to the GTA, affordability is typically a hot topic. 

Out of the 23 regions of the Greater Toronto Area, Pickering remains one of the most affordable, ranking at #18 for most expensive. The average housing price is falling around $679,763, which when compared to other cities is quite affordable. 

Due to the limits the city has placed on development in the northern parts of town, there has been a large decrease in the number of new residents. That being said, the Province of Ontario has designated Pickering as one of two municipalities in the Durham Region that are urban growth centres and are planned to receive more development allowances and population. 

The city has estimated by the year 2031 that the population will have hit close to 190,000 residents. 

Homes For Sale In Pickering >>>

Pickering Economy

Pickering Economy Banner

Despite a large number of residents commuting to Toronto for employment, there are still numerous employment opportunities right within the city limits. 

Pickering is home to the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station, which is the cities largest single employer. Though scheduled to start decommissioning in 2024, there are still plenty of options and opportunities.  

According to the 2017 Durham Region Business Counts report, there are 2007 businesses that reported employment. The cities website states there are approximately 35,000 jobs. 

Large companies such as Yorkville Sound, the Canadian Headquarters for Purdue Pharma, Hubbell Canada, PSB Speakers-Lenbrook, and Search Engine People, Canada’s largest internet marketing company all are station in Pickering. 

There is even a Profit 500 company located in town, Wholesale Innovations. 

Due to its advantageous location, access to global markets, and skilled and educated workforce, there is no doubt that the business sector in Pickering will continue to grow and flourish. 

Homes For Sale In Pickering >>>

Education In Pickering

Pickering Education banner

Regardless of your choice of school board, the education offered in Pickering will set your children up for success. 

The Durham District School Board and the Durham Catholic District School Board, along with the Conseil scolaire Viamonde and the Conseil scolaire de district catholique Centre-Sud, have 20 schools operating in all corners of the city. 

Alternative options for education can be found at institutes such as Blaisdale Montessori School, a private chain with locations throughout Pickering. 

As of September 2012, Durham College/Centennial College Joint Learning Site opened its doors to welcome students into primarily graduate certificate programs, with a number of complementary courses and classes. 

Art & Culture

Pickering Art banner

One of the many draws for people when considering Pickering is its strong sense of community, and nothing brings people together quite like an appreciation for the arts. 

Pickering has a wide variety of cultural and art events throughout the year that allow patrons to view and participate in exhibits, shows and theatre. 

The Pickering Museum Village is a connection to the past that deepens the sense of pride in the community while offering a glimpse back at those who came before. 

The city plays host to community theatres and ensures the love of arts and culture stays alive with places such as Arts Unleashed, a kid inspired arts program. 

Every year, Esplanade Park comes alive with art enthusiasts of all ages, coming together to appreciate art in all its forms. This free event brings together over 90 artists from around the province for a chance to showcase their pieces. The park comes alive with music from local talent, while children enjoy a number of activities and demonstrations. 

Homes For Sale In Pickering >>>

It's All Here

Pickering Town Centre

Finding what you need in Pickering will be no problem. The city offers superior shopping, a local farmers market and programs for families and singles alike. 

Pickering Town Centre opened its doors in 1972 and has been providing easy access to over 200 stores since. The large mall has a wide variety of retail options as well as a theatre. 

For those looking to take advantage of programs offered, the Pickering Recreation Complex will be sure to provide. The complex is a one-stop shop for activities such as skating, swimming and playing tennis or squash. There is also a large, state of the art fitness room. 

Lakeside Living

Pickering Waterfront Banner

Getting out and enjoying the great outdoors comes naturally for those living in Pickering. The City boasts 220 hectares of open space with 85 beautiful parks, 4 conservation areas, and 7.6 kms of waterfront, 2.7 kms being beach area.

Time spent in Pickering is not complete until you’ve experienced Frenchman’s Bay. The waterfront area will have you basking in the beauty of Lake Ontario, strolling along the boardwalk or enjoying live music through the warmer months. Children can cool off at the lakeside splash pad while adults enjoy the unique boutiques, restaurants and entertainment that is provided. 

One of the many advantages of lakeside living is the breathtaking scenery, and there is no better way to experience it than with a quiet stroll through nature. Pickering is home to a 12km section of the Waterfront Trail. Enjoy a scenic retreat and connecting with nature, all without leaving the comfort of your own town. 

There is something beautifully unique about taking in a sunset over a lake, combine that with a concert and you will quickly see why so many people flock to lakeside towns. Sunset concerts are held during the summer months at Millennium Square. What better backdrop for musical acts than the colours of a setting sun in Ontario. 

Homes For Sale In Pickering >>>

Pickering Events

Pickering Events banner

The residents of Pickering don’t need much of a reason to come together and celebrate. The town is eager and engaged when it comes to putting on events throughout the year. 

The importance of community is evident in the number of festivals and celebrations that are happening at all times. 

Larger events such as Canada Day are popular, yearly traditions that bring together the community. Held at Esplanade Park, the event provides a chance to celebrate Canada’s birthday with fireworks, live entertainment, and activities for all ages. 

Food & Drink 

Pickering Food banner

There is no shortage of dining experiences to be had in Pickering. Meeting with friends and family over food and drink is a past time most of us enjoy. 

Whether you are in the mood for fine dining, budget-friendly eats or fast food, all are available throughout Pickering to accommodate your taste and needs. 

If you are a foodie, then you will want to make special note of the Pickering Food Truck Festival that happens in the summer at the Pickering Civic Complex. There are approximately 40 food trucks that will be at the event and will be enticing attendees with tantalizing flavours and delicious treats. The festival is completed with cold drinks and live music. 

Homes For Sale In Pickering >>>

Neighbourhoods In Pickering

Pickering Homes Banner

With any city, there are a number of areas in which you can choose to live, all with their distinct advantages and perks. Pickering is no different.

If you are interested in a more rural setting, Claremont is an unincorporated village in the mainly agricultural north end. A step back from city life offers residents of the area a truly rural feel.

On the contrary, if you are interested in being in the heart of the city, then you may want to consider accommodations in the Frenchman’s Bay area. Smack dab in the middle of the action, housing in this neighbourhood is a stone's throw from transportation, dining, shopping and activities. 

If you are looking for a more traditional, suburban setting, neighbourhoods such as The Amberlea, Duffin Heights, or Rosebank offer a great place to settle down and raise a family. Close proximity to major highways, schools and amenities are all great qualities of these areas. Dotted with parks and trails throughout, any one of these locations would be ideal places to call home. 

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May 21, 2019

Moving To & Living In Whitby, Ontario - The Definitive Guide

Whatever your reason for considering a move to Whitby, Ontario, whether it be work, starting a family, retirement or looking for a change of scenery, it won’t be one without thought or research. 

This guide is aimed at giving you an overview of all Whitby has to offer and allow you to have a glimpse into what it may be like to live in this wonderful town. 

Whitby History

Whitby History Banner

Much like all the other towns in the area, Whitby was named after the European town of Whitby, Yorkshire. 

Though settlements in the area dated back to the early 1800’s, it wasn’t until 1836 that the downtown business center was established by the founder of Whitby, Peter Perry

Due to its natural harbour, Whitby quickly became a hub for trade across the area. Being named a government seat in the newly formed County of Ontario, Whitby was incorporated in 1855. 

During World War II, Whitby was the location of Camp X, which was a secret spy training facility established by Sir William Stephenson. A monument of this camp was erected in 1974. 

In 1968 the Town of Whitby and the Township of Whitby officially amalgamated to form the Whitby borders we have today. 

Homes For Sale In Whitby >>>

Whitby Population

Downtown Whitby

Downtown Whitby, Ontario

Whitby is located within the GTA, and as such has seen large amounts of growth over the last number of decades. From 1986 to 2016 the population in Whitby has nearly doubled, largely due to the rapid growth of Toronto. 

Many families are looking for an alternative to city life and wish to raise their children in a more traditional suburban setting, so they have branched out to the surrounding towns. 

Although a mainly English speaking white community, Whitby welcomes all diversity. 17% of the population is a visible minority, mostly consisting of Japanese, Chinese, African American and South Asian. 

Regardless of race or ethnicity, Whitby aims to make all who wish to call it home feel welcome. 

Whitby Housing Market

Whitby Housing Market

Despite its ideal location to Toronto, housing in Whitby remain quite affordable. Falling around the $657K mark, properties move quickly when listed, as many people are finding Whitby to be the perfect balance of large city amenities with a small town community. 

Homes For Sale In Whitby >>>

Lakeside Living

Lakside Whitby

Nestled along the beautiful shores of Lake Ontario, residents of Whitby enjoy all the perks and benefits of lakeside living. 

Those who live in lakeside towns are privy to a way of life that inland residents don’t experience. 

Sunrises and sunsets sparkle on the water, while days at the beach are plentiful. Enjoying walks along the waterfront trail, of which Whitby has 10.6 kms. 

Port Whitby is an award-winning, 420-slip facility situated on the natural harbour. Restaurants, shops, and the clubhouse are all attractions in Port Whitby to be enjoyed by those who visit and live in the area. 

The marina is regularly abuzz with events throughout the year, namely, they host a large Canada Day celebration complete with fireworks, children's events, and live music. 

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Whitby Community Attractions 

The Iroquois Park Sports Centre (IPSC)

The Iroquois Park Sports Centre

Whitby is home to Canada’s largest municipally owned and operated Recreation Centre. The Iroquois Park Sports Centre (IPSC) is a 250,000 square foot facility that houses 6 arenas, 2 pools, a fully licensed restaurant, food court, elite athletic training facility, banquet halls, and meeting rooms. Outside, there are 6 illuminated tennis courts, 3 illuminated tournament-quality baseball diamonds, another two unlit ball diamonds, and a fully lit tournament quality soccer pitch.

There is also the newly renovated Brooklin Community Centre and Library that offers programs for seniors, youth and children, ensuring that connecting with one's community has never been easier. 

Parks Galore

Whitby Parks

Pannett Park

One thing there is no shortage of in Whitby is parks and greenspace. The town boasts 60 kms of trails and numerous parks scattered around.

Regardless of which area you live in, you will have easy access to parks and play equipment. The town of Whitby maintains 125 parks throughout the year, which has 950 acres of active parkland and over 1000 acres of passive open spaces and beaches. 

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Whitby Neighbourhoods

Whitby Neighbourhoods

Narrowing down which area of town that will best suit your needs will be no problem as Whitby has numerous neighbourhoods that offer amenities for all sorts of lifestyles.

Similar to the surrounding towns, northern Whitby remains primarily rural and agricultural. As you move towards the downtown core and coast, population density increases. 

Depending on your wants and needs, there are a number of options for neighbourhoods. 

If you are desiring a more rural setting, Brooklin would be the ideal place to live. A small community in the northern end of Whitby, Brooklin offers a healthy balance between city and country. 

Williamsburg is located along the Ajax border and lends itself to easy and quick access to commute to Toronto. 

If you are wanting to capitalize on being in a lakeside town, then the Port Whitby marina area would be ideal. Situated next to the shores of Lake Ontario, housing in the area comes with unparalleled views and access to numerous amenities and activities

Bluegrass Meadows is the perfect location for families as the area is home to parks, schools and all necessities. 

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Unique Education

Whitby Education

The Durham District School Board Headquarters are located in the town of Whitby, and the board operates 24 Elementary schools and 5 Secondary Schools scattered throughout the area. 

Catholic Education is also readily available in Whitby out of 12 Elementary Schools and 2 Secondary Schools. 

Being a bilingual Country there is also French Education options. The Conseil scolaire catholique MonAvenir offers one Elementary School, École élémentaire catholique Jean-Paul II (JK-grade 6) and one Secondary School, École secondaire catholique St-Charles Garnier (grades 7-12) which services all of Durham region.

A unique option for school is possible in Whitby as it is home to the internationally known independent day and boarding school, Trafalgar Castle. This educational establishment provides offers a university pre-program for grades 5 - grade 12 at a woman's only facility. 

Post-Secondary options in the area are vast with over 30 University and College Campuses within an hour drive. 

A Thriving Economy

Whitby Economy

Due to its optimal location, proximity to Toronto, and access to global markets via air, rail and water, Whitby’s economic health is better than ever. 

Not only is Whitby one of the fastest growing cities, but businesses also have a large, educated workforce to choose from when they are hiring. 

According to choosewhitby.ca, 94% of the population has completed a post-secondary education program. 

Those looking to bring their businesses to the town will find Whitby to be financially stable, debt-free and are able to offer lower cost commercial real estate options. 

Some major companies that have already taken advantage of these perks are AECOM, Lear, Golder Associates, Gerdau, and 360Insights, a profit 500 company. 

Those looking for employment in Whitby will have over 2,228 businesses to apply to for over 41,526 jobs. 

The increased popularity of Whitby will only serve to benefit the economy. The local government makes great efforts to ensure the town is regularly invested in and considered by numerous businesses as their next home. 

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Art and Culture

Whitby Art and Culture

The Whitby Courthouse Theater

Whitby offers unique art and a cultural scene which greatly contributes to the quality of life to be experienced. 

Throughout the year, the town offers events and festivals that highlight artists from Whitby and the surrounding area. 

Whitby strives to offers easy and enjoyable access to art and culture at a number of different locations. 

The Whitby Public Library and the Lynde House Museum and Visitors Centre both serve as jump-off points for those interested in learning and experiences art and education. 

Station Gallery houses exhibits from local and global talent, where the Whitby Courthouse Theater out of the Centennial Building showcases plays, acts, and music of all genres. 

Celebration Square is an outdoor community gathering space that hosts a number of events and festivals geared to celebrating and promoting artists. 

Eating Experiences For All

Eating Experiences Whitby

The Gourmet Food Truck Frenzy

Regardless of your tastes, finding enjoyable eating experiences in Whitby will be no problem. 

Farm-to-table, “northern cottage atmospheres” or authentic ethnic plates, the town of Whitby has options to satisfy. 

The town also hosts one of a kind events focused on unique foods and entertainment such as the Gourmet Food Truck Frenzy. A festival whose sole aim is to provide interesting eats, cool beverages, and family entertainment. 

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Things To Do In Whitby

Things To Do Whitby Ontario

No matter the weather, Whitby has you covered when it comes to enjoying the outdoors. 

Golfers can get out and hit the links at a number of different courses in and around the town. Lyndebrook Golf Club, Eldorado Golf Club, or Lakeridge Links Golf Club are just some of the clubs at which you can get a round in. 

Whitby is also home to the Whitevale Golf club, which is a world-class member-owned club.

If your interests lie more on the slopes vs. the course then you will be pleased to know Whitby has some great skiing as well. 

Ski Dagmar is a 12 run hill that offers varying terrain that will suit any levels. There is also a charming chalet to warm up in. 

Ski Lakeridge is a year-round facility with skiing, snowboarding and tubing throughout the winter and mountain biking and hiking during the warmer months. 

Whitby is a beautiful town with amenities, scenery and breathtaking shorelines. The town boasts a inclusive sense of community and a warm welcome to anyone who chooses to live there.

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